When the first Pittsburgh Wine Festival was held at Heinz Field in May of 2002, our mission was simple: Bring the world of wine to the people of Pittsburgh by hosting a world-class, annual wine tasting event. Commonly known as a “shot-and-a-beer” town, it was unclear if such an event would work in Pittsburgh. However, with sell-out attendance each year, the Pittsburgh Wine Festival has thrived and become an annual tradition for many. Now the premier wine event in the Pittsburgh region, we are proudly celebrating our 17th annual event at Heinz Field in May for the 2019 Pittsburgh Wine Festival.

Featuring the craftsmanship of the top wine-makers worldwide, our unique event curates a selection of fine wines that allow guests to enjoy an unmatched tasting experience. In partnership with Pennsylvania’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits, the Pittsburgh Wine Festival captures a wine culture that is worldly, yet part of Pittsburgh.