No one store in any State can carry and display all of the wines and spirits that are available in that State.   You would have to walk down endless football field length aisles to view all of them. It is simply not possible, especially in a Control State like PA, where different tiers of stores carry the same products.

Is That A Bad Thing?

No!  The PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores carry thousands of products from all over the world.  The benefit of shopping in PA is that what you purchased in one store can probably be purchased in a different store a few hundred miles away.  In surrounding states, it is the opposite situation.  You can find a cool product at one store but not at another.

But imagine if you could find so many of the wines and spirits you like, all in one place, order and pick up at your nearest store.  You can!  And only in PA.  All from your computer, from wherever you are in the state or the world.

How This All Works…

Not every wine and spirit in the world is sold in every state in the US.  Availability is a very complex situation.  But most products in the states surrounding PA are available in PA.  You cannot shop all of the available products in PA because they cannot all be on the shelves of the Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores.  The ones in the Stores year-round are called “Listed” or “Regular” items, and the ones that are not are called “SO” (Special Order).  For more information, log onto the PA site: Fine Wine & Good Spirits

Welcome to a more in-depth, online, wine and spirits shopping experience in PA.


How Does This Benefit PA Residents?

Contributions to state and local government beneficiaries totaled $749.6 million for the fiscal year. Contributions to the General Fund, which finances Pennsylvania’s schools, health and human services programs, law enforcement, and public safety initiatives, among other important public services, totaled $702.6 million.