Discover the World of SO (Special Order) and PA Wines

Search thousands of wines & spirits that are rarely carried in State Stores. To purchase, follow the easy link to the Fine Wine & Good Spirits website.

“I had a great wine the other night but can’t find it in the State Store.”
Why not?

“I do my wine shopping online because what I want isn’t in PA.”
Yes, it is in PA.  But where?

Most every wine & spirit outside of PA is in PA, but not necessarily at the State Stores. State Of Wine shows how to access these SO wines & spirits, as well as the wines of PA.






How To Search And Order
SO Products
Along With Wines Crafted In PA

Ordering SO wines and spirits is fairly easy. In the “SO Search” link below, when you have identified items of interest, simply click on the “Add to Favorites” button or “Click” the heart icon: . You can add an unlimited number of items to your Favorites. You will see the number of Favorites inside the red circle affixed to the heart icon on the upper righthand corner of the Search Page. Remember: don’t lose all those delicious Savories! Be sure to create a login in order to save them! Once you find them, how do you order them? Since PA is a Control State, you are legally required to order through the State website, and pay the State on its website.

You can learn more about the general workings of the PLCB (PA Liquor Control Board) HERE. For exploring the site, and to order, go to the Fine Wine & Good Spirits WEBSITE.

Instructions to Order: (per the Fine Wine & Good Spirits website, Product Search page):

SO” or “Special Order” products can be ordered 2 ways:

> In Store: by one of the Wine & Spirits Specialists at your local store.

> On the Fine Wine & Good Spirits site: in the Box at the top of the page “Search by Name or Product Code” insert the code from your Favorites page. Populate your FW&GS Cart with as many favorites as you want! Then follow the usual online ordering instructions. You will select a store where you will have your wines & spirits order delivered. It’s that easy!

But please, please be patient. This is a newer way in PA of expanding your access to all wine and spirit selections. We are all trying to improve the system. Work with us all – your dollars spent in PA go to benefitting so many services like hospitals, schools, safety, education and more. Spending your dollars outside of PA goes into an owner’s pocket. Which is totally fine – we’re just asking – give PA a chance!